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  • Alpinestars novus solid blanco perla
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Reference: 8100017-22


Following decades of R & D and innovation in protections, the Alpinestars research team for advanced head protection has developed the new Novus Helmet. Incorporating a multitude of innovations in the industry, the Novus is an open helmet that incorporates screen, tinted sun screen, a ventilation system and the 'A-Head' micro-adjustment system for precision adjustment, making the Novus in perfect for the piloting by city and the urban displacements.

Lightweight outer shell made of advanced injection molded thermoplastic resin for excellent impact protection and optimum weight distribution levels,

comfort and resistance. The Novus hull is homologated to ECE 22.05 standards.

Inner layer made of closed cell multi-density polymer foam that helps channel impact energy out of the head in case of fall and increases the mechanical resistance in the event of an accidental blow.

Especially profiled outer layer for excellent aerodynamic performance, offering increased stability with speed.

Open design for practicality of entrance and a greater amplitude of the field of vision, plus a more extensive low profile for a greater protective cover.

Adjustable ventilation system incorporating a triple air inlet and two outlet ports. The ventilation system is designed to ensure a wide and equitable internal airflow, keeping the pilot comfortable in all conditions. The ventilation is activated by a sliding cable system that allows the pilot to regulate and customize the level of airflow.

The large screen anti-scratch is homologated and is made of advanced polycarbonate for resistance. The screen offers coverage to the lower part of the face when it is closed and rises neatly and safely. The screen includes a lock that secures the lock. It is designed to minimize turbulence and reduce aerodynamic noise (in conjunction with internal cushioning) in the closed position. The screen is easy to replace.

Integrated internal tinted screen for the sun made of polycarbonate that offers effective protection against the rays of the sun. The sunscreen is anti-scratched. The visor is activated by means of a system of sliding cable that allows the pilot to regulate the screen according to his needs). The sun screen is removable.

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