Agv ax-8 dual evo wild frontier green / white

  • Agv ax-8 dual evo wild frontier green / white
  • Agv ax-8 dual evo wild frontier green / white
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AGV AX-8 Dual EVO Wild Frontier green / white

AX-8 Dual Evo l is a highly versatile helmet designed for use both on road and off road. Design and line inevitably recall the Evo AX-8 from which is derived, but thanks to the additional technical features as the visor and visor mechanism specific, openable Chin air intake and extra ventilation opening at the top ensures all the performance and comfort of a road helmet.

Integrated ventilation system IVS consists of pipes formed directly in the template to ensure optimum circulation of air inside the helmet. With hygienic and Dri - Lex® breathable inside is completely removable and washable, including covers of the belt. In the area of the visor are used soft plastic covers that, unlike tissue, do not get wet and are easy to clean. Air chin strap is easily detachable without tools and provides excellent air circulation. Retention system mounted with double ring closure DD.  


  • VISOR:
    • Mechanism of the visor with possibilities for customization of the opening.
    • Visor designed to minimized the effect navigate to minimize fogging effect.
    • The helmet is sold with clear screen. Other screens sold separately.
    • Outer dome in 3 sizes with stratification SSL (fiber glass, Aramídica, and carbon).
    • Ventilation IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with large ducts made directly in the shell for a more efficient airflow inside the helmet and better aerodynamic performance.
    • Hygienic preparation of Dri - Lex® fabrics. The fixed part of the cheek is covered with easily washable soft plastic material.
    • 3 front air inlets, 1 superior and 2 rear extractors.
    • Air inlet chinrest with easily removable and replaceable without tools and interchangeable open/closed position with the EVO AX-8/AX-8.
  • Edge lower in the chin strap with shock absorber function area.
  • Retention system mounted with double ring closure DD.
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