Arai tour-x4 vision helmet grey

  • Arai tour-x4  vision helmet grey
  • Arai tour-x4  vision helmet grey
  • Arai tour-x4  vision helmet grey
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Arai Tour-X4  Vision helmet grey

The new helmet Arai Tour - X 4 is undoubtedly one of the most versatile helmets of all time: can be used with the peak and visor, visor, with or without glasses of motocross, but also with the visor only, without peak. In summary, the combination that best suits their circumstances.

The ventilation system has been redesigned for maximum efficiency and comfort, even in extreme conditions. Redesigned exterior layer to be stronger than ever. The Tour X-4 is also one of the first to adopt the new helmets Arai Facial Contour (FCS) system with a flexible insert at the bottom of the pillows.


  • NEW OUTER SHELL: the outer layer is extremely rigid and resistant to the SFL (laminated fiberglass Super).
  • OPTIMIZED VENTILATION: new system that enhances the extraction of hot air and moisture from the helmet.
  • OPTIMIZED HOOD: Viewer optimized thanks to the aerodynamic design of the system and the vent front "opening vents.
  • ANTI-FOG PINLOCK SCREEN: the screen has a standard layout for a Pinlock anti-fog®: effectively prevents fog and condensation of moisture on the visor.
  • TRIPLE USE: Three options to use: with visor and visor, the visor solo, or with a single Viewer.
  • ERGONOMIC NECK: the new role of the ergonomic neck, more flattened shape, minimizes the resistance of the air and turbulence, which ensures greater comfort, especially at high speeds, which reduces the noise and turbulence of the effect.
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