SPIDI Allroad H2Out black / yellow fluo

  • SPIDI Allroad H2Out black / yellow fluo
  • SPIDI Allroad H2Out black / yellow fluo
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The SPIDI Allroad H2Out are 3 jackets made in 1 single garment and is perfect for those riders who dare with long distances and with all kinds of weather conditions. It is manufactured under a fabric of high tenacity and resistance, incorporates a waterproof membrane and a removable thermal lining. It has a complete ventilation system that consists of flaps that allow it to be modulated very easily, even while driving.


  • Made of high tenacity fabric
  • Laminated fabric constructed in three layers to protect the rider from falling
  • It incorporates a 100% waterproof and breathable H2Out Insideout membrane. It is characterized in that it can be placed below or above the main jacket, depending on the needs of the rider. Out for heavy rain days and Inside for low rain days.
  • 100gr thick removable thermal lining
  • Complete ventilation system composed of flaps located in strategic areas
  • Warrior shoulder and elbow replaceable protections
  • Predisposition to place the Warrior Z53, Z54 Z147 or Z172 trellises (not included)
  • Predisposition to place the Warrior Z157, or Z138 chest protector (not included)
  • Elastic inserts for greater freedom of movement
  • Predisposition to mount the V63 (not included), a complete hisdratation system
  • Waist adjustment with ribbons
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