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The SZ M is the perfect choice for travelers and tour riders alike. The large sun visors provide ample protection from the weather, while the comfort and fit to perform even long hours in the saddle effortlessly. The SZ M offers an efficient ventilation system with multiple intake and exhaust air ducts. Replaceable pads make a custom fit possible. The properties that have made the SZ M long time favorite among all riders looking for long day comfort.


Eyebrow Ventilation Eyebrows: An exclusive feature of Arai are the "eyebrow" ventilation vents that get fresh air into the forehead area. This fresh air is then guided into the hull.

Effective Ventilation: Even in an open helmet, efficient ventilation is crucial. Fresh, fresh air enters the SZ F through the frons ducts. Hot and humid air is sucked out of the interior of the rear ducts. Of course, ventilation ducts and vents can be opened or closed, depending on weather conditions.

Replaceable Headphones: The headphones with their shock absorbing liner are offered in different thickness sizes, to make a more personalized fit possible. There is plenty of space around the ear area for better comfort and plenty of space for a communication device.

Hyper Ridge The 'top' is a reinforcing band that surrounds the bottom of the shell by adding strength and lowering the center of the helmet of gravity. It widens for easy putting on and taking off.

Five times inspected: Each Arai hull passes through five independent quality control departments: once the shell has been made, after painting and graphic termination, after assembly and two in the process inspections.

Washable interior: The premium interior of any Arai helmet can be easily cleaned, instead, with warm water and mild soap

Handmade: It may take up to five years for our experts to gain the right to create an Arai shell. Each shell can take up to 27 steps and the construction of an Arai helmet will take about 18 man hours.

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