Arai sz-ram x cafe racer white

  • Arai sz-ram x cafe racer white
  • Arai sz-ram x cafe racer white
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Reference: AR3345-CW

Arai SZ-RAM X Cafe Racer white

SZ-RAM X is an icon among the riders of touring, users moving on a motorcycle every day and other professionals of the motorcycle, due to their comfort and their adjustment. The new model X now has the same diffuser used in our top model RX-7V, which further enhances ventilation. Together with the 9 top holes for ventilation and new liner EcoPure helmet SZ-RAM X should be the pinnacle of technology Open helmets.


  • Diffuser Type 12: new Type 12 diffusers are 20 mm long and have straightened for aerodynamics, collaborating with the Air-Wing to improve stability. Compared to the earlier Type 10 diffusers, baffles new diffusers Type 12 input efficiency has increased by 19%. The new holes in air intake for ventilation not only offer more capacity to adjust with his three positions closed, half open and fully open, they help to improve the sealing, reducing wind noise and ingress of water.
  • EcoPure lining: completely detachable lining system has been enhanced with new material EcoPure, which helps to maintain neutral acidity levels close to the human skin and with antibacterial properties. With the intention that the adjustment is softer, deeper and even more comfortable, we have developed a new softer material for the backing frame. The new lining also has a padding of adjustable temples which allows for a custom fit.
  • Replaceable Interior: fully removable interiors that can be washed in Luke warm water with a little SOAP. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry for a day, without leaving them never directly in the Sun or near a stove. Available different thicknesses that are suited to intermediate sizes to customize the setting for each pilot are.
  • IC Duct5: The new IC Duct5 duct allows an 11% higher than the previous Delta Duct5 air flow. Drive is now larger, allowing you to open and close more easily. IC Duct5 duct has three positions: closed, half open and fully open, to adjust the air flow and to prevent water when fully closed.
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