Agv k-5 jet white pearl

  • Agv k-5 jet white pearl
  • Agv k-5 jet white pearl
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Helmet AGV K-5 Jet White Pearl

Agv new maxi-jet is called K-5 JET. It is a surround and helmet with a marked lines, perfect for tourist use, in addition to city. For who does not want to give up the feeling of freedom, maintaining a high level of security. The shell of glass and carbon fiber and how compact and protective guarantee a high security, respecting the AGV Extreme Standards, while thanks to research and tissue Dry-Comfort you get comfort in the interiors. An important novelty is the long and wide screen with a new magnetic closing system VMS, which, with internal sunscreen, ensures optimal visibility in all conditions.


  • Sunscreen integrated ISV scratch, taken apart and replaced without tools.
  • Wide screen CITY 17 is equipped with PINLOCK® preparation and anti-scratch coating. The coverage and the protection of the face extends below the level of the Chin.
  • New magnetic lock called VMS (Viewer Magnetic System) system.
  • New mechanism XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) display for quick removal of the screen without tools.
  • Dimensions of the shell and EPS optimized with FEM (Finite Elements Analisys - finite element analysis) system.
  • Shell in CAF (obudowy of glass) in 2 sizes and inner shell in 4 sizes with EPS of 4 different densities.
  • Interior components made of a material called 3D Dry-Comfort with sanitizing treatment that can be removed completely and wash.
  • Ventilation system IVS which includes 2 front air intakes and an exhaust fan with ON/OFF system developed in the wind tunnel to optimize and regulate ventilation.
  • Air intake front central built-in shell profile with direct channel of high air flow.
  • Rear spoiler incorporated into the profile of the shell.
  • (ECE2205) weight: 1,350 g (+/-50g) size Ms.
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