Givi x 08 white

  • Givi x 08 white
  • Givi x 08 white
  • Givi x 08 white
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Helmet modular Givi X 08 white

The increasing demand of the market of modular helmets, GIVI responds with a model that encompasses the best in their category at a truly competitive price.


  • The opening of the chin guard, powered by a central button located in the lower part, is easily operated with one hand even wearing gloves. The recovery of the visor is also provided when it is singularly open.
  • The interior, hypoallergenic fabric, is completely removable and washable. Fixation with buttons, comprised of pattine, makes removal easy and fast.
  • The main rustproof visor and the viserino parasol (of series) can be removed without the use of other tools thanks to the innovative system of bayonet pressure created by GIVI.
  • The ventilation system is guaranteed by an air intake on the neck strap, two front jacks and a valid rear extractor that allows flow ducted maintain constant internal temperature.
  • Series also included the for nose and wind sketch file, the latter equipped with specific attachments.
  • I302B is a Bluetooth® intercom designed for motorcyclists and their passengers who wish to have a clear and reliable wireless communication while traveling.
  • Spray Anti-Fog: Applied to the inside of the visor, prevents fogging of the same guaranteeing an optimal vision in every situation.
  • Lens adhesive Anti-Fog "Fog-City": similar to the pin-lock used by professional pilots, prevents fogging and the creation of condensation on the sun visor.
  • Neck Protector: protects the neck and the neck of the annoying bursts of cold air.
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