I cardo scala rider smartpack duo

  • I cardo scala rider smartpack duo
  • I cardo scala rider smartpack duo
  • I cardo scala rider smartpack duo
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Intercom Cardo Scala Rider Smartpack Duo

It includes two intercoms - DOWNLOAD HERE THE USER GUIDE -

Thistle is proud to be at the head of the revolution of group communication for motorcycle riders, this time with small groups in mind. For the SMARTPACK DMC intercom mode, a group of 4 motorcyclists can communicate at a remarkable distance of up to 3 miles / 5 km this adds to the Bluetooth connectivity with mobile phones, GPS, music, equipment FM radio and other systems of communication by Bluetooth.

The scala rider® SMARTPACK™ contains the DMC™ (Dynamic trabecular Communication - communication by mesh dynamics) and Bluetooth® technologies to give you the best of both worlds. Bluetooth mode allows you to communicate with riders who do not participate in SMARTPACK, operate your mobile phone, receiving devices GPS navigation instructions and listen to music (via A2DP).

What is a DMC and how it differs from traditional Bluetooth technology?

DMC is an innovative technology developed by Thistle to completely change the way in which the motorcyclists who travel in Group communicate among themselves. Instead of the traditional connection string the intercom Bluetooth margarita, the group is connected by a dynamic network which ensures that communication remain uninterrupted at all times. For the SMARTPACK DMC intercom mode, a group of 4 motorcyclists can communicate at a remarkable distance of up to 3 miles / 5 km, and any member can leave / join the group or receive incoming calls at any given time, without compromising the conversation for the rest of the group.

With the Thistle Skil SmartSet application and its remote control function, you can choose to use your smart phone or your tablet to control your SMARTPACK. Make calls by intercom and telephone, touch music or listening to the radio, and customize settings - all from your mobile device operated by Android or iOS.


  • Intercom mode for DMC™ for calls over intercom between several people in a virtual private network - with maximum 4 motorcyclists
  • Exclusive design: rodillo-timon and Board of control in flat plate
  • Scope of intercom motorcycle to motorcycle up to 1 mile / 1.6 km (1) and up to 5 km with 4 riders or more
  • To 4-way conference intercom via Bluetooth: 2 motorcyclists and their passengers or 3 riders apart (full-duplex)
  • Alternation of intercommunication "1 + 8" by Bluetooth: alternate with other 8 riders
  • Click-to - link®: intercom Bluetooth for conversations spontaneous with other motorcyclists using scala rider in the vicinity.
  • Voice command: technology of voice recognition for a true hands-free operation.
  • Thistle Gateway™: allows headphones not manufactured by Thistle are connected by intercom.
  • Intercom phone: calls passed automatically to the mobile when exited out of reach.
  • Application Thistle Skil SmartSet™ to operate remote control and customize settings while in motion.
  • Thistle platform Community® for social aspects, customize the device and update the software.
  • Music Sharing™ - the passenger and the driver can listen to the same music stereo (via A2DP).
  • Audio transmission in parallel: to speak and listen to music at the same time.
  • Number of immediate appeal (customizable).
  • Execution/reception/rejection of calls by voice command or by pressing a button. Profile A2DP/AVRCP for wireless stereo from smartphones. Conference mode between rider and external partner.
  • Reception of GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth.
  • FM radio with RDS: 6 stations preprogrammed via automatic scanning, automatic selection of the strongest signal, radio operation time: 8-10 hours, auto-muting the radio on incoming calls.
  • MP3 players wireless connection via A2DP for stereo music.
  • Self-adjusting audio according to speed and ambient noise (Personalizable) volume.
  • To receive voice control / reject incoming calls from mobile or intercom (Personalizable).
  • Announcements of State in several languages.
  • Microphone with cable and hybrid interchangeable.
  • Interchangeable double speakers (3.5 mm).
  • Up to 13 hours of talk time / 1 week standby.
  • Water and dust proof.
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