Src schuberth c3 pro

  • Src schuberth c3 pro


Communication for fully integrated Schuberth C3 / E1 helmets

The new SRC-System ™ system is a communication system integrated into the acoustic collar. Following the principle of plug & play, it is inserted into your helmet in minutes

Its wide range of functions includes:

Pilot-passenger intercom

Interkom from motorcycle to motorcycle (up to 300m)

3-biker conference call

Mobile phone, MP3-GPS-connectivity

Built-in FM radio with RDS

Unprecedented Communication:

intercommunication conference mode between cyclists up to 3

Mobile Phone Features:

Receiving or rejecting incoming calls by voice command

start calls by voice command and push of a button

Receive voice navigation instructions from ear GPS

Built-in FM Radio with RDS:

Up to 6 user-defined stations

RDS functionality - automatic self-tuning for best broadcast frequency

Radio time: up to 8 hours

Receive MP3 wireless stereo music (A2DP) or cable connected to MP3 players

Multi-Device Connectivity ("MDC") offers intercom conferencing with two other SRC-System ™ users and with an additional Bluetooth device: GPS, mobile phone (directly or via GPS), A2DP enabled MP3 player or adapter. Headset also switches between your built-in FM radio and the external MP3 player connected cable.

AGC technology self-adjust loudspeaker volume according to driving speed and ambient noise level

VOX technology for voice control reception and rejection of mobile or intercom calls

Firmware update ready * (USB cable for PC included)

DSP technology for advanced functionality

ultra thin double helmet speakers

High quality audio at highway speeds

Up to 10 hrs. talk time / 1 week stand-by (recharge from any regular output)

Requires Windows ™ XP or Vista ™ based PC

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