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Midland BTX1 PRO Hi-Fi Twin Intercom (Pack of 2 paired units). Universal Bluetooth 4.2 intercom with FM radio and RDS. It allows communication between pilot and passenger or between 2 bikes with a range of up to 300m. Includes Hi-Fi speakers as standard, offering exceptional sound quality.

Key Features:

Talk2All Universal Intercom: BTX1 PRO can be paired with intercoms of any brand.

Simultaneous communication pilot-passenger or motorcycle.

Range up to 300m.

Emergency brake light.

Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo (Handsfree / A2DP / AVRCP protocol).

Stereo FM radio with RDS.

AGC system to control the volume automatically according to the background noise.

VOX function (hands-free).

"Music Share" function: share music with the passenger.

Connection for 2 smartphones.

Lithium battery with 35 hours of talk time. Charging time: 2 hours approx.

Programmable via USB.

IPX6 waterproof protection.

Compatible with all types of helmets.

Compatible with the Midland BTTalk application (it allows to extend the range of the intercom without limit of people or distances). It is recommended to use the BTTalk application with the BTT Button Wireless Button Button (not included) for maximum security.

Compatible with BT Remote PRO (not included). The BT Remote PRO allows you to manage the intercom without removing your hands from the handlebar. This remote control guarantees safety and comfort.

The box contains:

2 BTX1 PRO devices.

2 rod microphones and 2 cable microphones.

2 audio kits with Hi-Fi stereo speakers.

2 systems of fixation to the helmet with biadhesivo.

2 fixing systems to the hull by means of a jaw.

1 wall charger with USB connection.

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