Cardo packtalk duo

  • Cardo packtalk duo
  • Cardo packtalk duo
  • Cardo packtalk duo
  • Cardo packtalk duo
  • Cardo packtalk duo
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Cardo intercom Packtalk Duo

The motorcycling group has never been so exciting. The scala rider® PACKTALK™ pioneer™ (Dynamic trabecular Communication - communication by mesh dynamics) DMC introduces technology to redefine your motorcycling experience. This new and innovative technology introduces the third generation of communication systems for motorcyclists, allowing your group to maintain constant connectivity via a virtual network that is both fluid and spontaneous. Any member can join, leave and return to her casually, without endangering the conversation.

The PACKTALK incorporates the DMC and Bluetooth® technologies so that they complement each other. By DMC intercom mode offers an innovative technology for group communication. Auto-adaptive DMC technology nature makes her fashion is and again to organize themselves constantly to ensure that communication among a group of motorcyclists remains uninterrupted, regardless of the perpetually changing environment. Bluetooth mode gives you the freedom to make calls by mobile phone, receive navigation instructions, music (via A2DP or radio built-in FM) and connect with other Bluetooth communication systems by intercom.

With the Thistle Skil SmartSet application and its remote control function, you can choose to use your phone, smartphone or tablet to control your PACKTALK. Make calls intercom and phone, listen to music and radio, and also customize the
settings - everything from your mobile devices with Android or iOS.


  • Intercom mode for DMC™ for calls by intercom between several people in a virtual network private - with maximum 10 motorcyclists
  • Make/receive/reject calls by using command voice or push of a button:
    • Profile double to connect to two phones hands-free mobile simultaneously.
    • Profile A2DP/AVRCP for wireless phones stereo intelligent.
  • Execution / reception / rejection of calls by voice command or by pressing a button.
  • Scope of intercom motorcycle to motorcycle up to 1 Mile / 1.6 km (1) and up to 5 km with 4 riders or more.
  • Reception of GPS navigation instructions through Bluetooth
  • To 4-way conference intercom via Bluetooth: 2 motorcyclists and their passengers or 3 riders separated (full-duplex)
  • FM radio with RDS integrated:
    • 6 stations preprogrammed via automatic scanning.
    • Automatic selection of the strongest signal.
    • Radio operation time: 8-10 hours.
  • Alternation of intercommunication "1 + 8" by Bluetooth: s ilenciamiento automatic radio on incoming calls alternate with other motorcyclists 8.
  • Click-to - Link® Bluetooth intercom for spontaneous conversation.
  • Wireless access via A2DP MP3 players for stereo music.
  • Voice command: voice recognition technology for a real operation Freehand A self-adjusting according to speed and noise audio volume environmental (Personalizable)
  • Thistle Gateway™: allows you to connect headphones not manufactured by Thistle by intercom V Voice Control to receive / reject incoming calls from the mobile phone or intercom (Personalizable).
  • Of intercom phone: calls pass automatically to the phone when it comes out out of reach E state advertisement in several languages.
  • Application Thistle Skil SmartSet™ to operate remote control and customize configurations still moving H hybrid microphones and with interchangeable cable.
  • Platform Thistle Community® for social aspects, customize the device and update the software (2) D interchangeable twin speakers (3.5 mm)
  • Music Sharing™ - the passenger and the driver can hear the in stereo (via A2DP) and up to 13 hours of talk time / 1 week standby.
  • Audio transmission in parallel: talking and listening to music to the same time.
  • Water and dust proof.
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