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Reference: D0059049100320

Intercom Schuberth SRC-System Metropolitan 1 Single. This intercom adapts to the Metropolitan 1 in an elegant and functional way. Just attach and fix the SRC-System? to the hitch points that already incorporates the helmet and is ready to use! From phone calls to the possibility of communicating from one motorcycle to another, through navigation options and music. The invisible microphone, speakers, antennas and wiring are pre-installed in the same hull.

Intercom (Full Duplex):


With other motorists at a distance of up to 500m.


Click-to-link (CTL): allows spontaneous connection with other drivers nearby.

Multiple connections with devices:

Mobile phones, GPS, MP3 player (2 Bluetooth connections).

With other drivers via intercom.

Entertainment: A2DP / AVRCP profiles for wireless music transmission through devices.

Customization and updates: With Cardo Community for PC / Mac and the Cardo Smartset application you can download software updates with new and improved features.

Advanced technology:


Automatic Volume Control (AGC): Adjusts the volume automatically according to the background noise. Sensitivity levels can also be determined by the user.


Voice control (VOX): VOX technology allows you to activate the main functions of the device through the voice.


Packet Loss Concealment (PLC): For real-time compensation of audio losses in difficult environments.


Voice announcements: To always know to whom or to which device you are connected.


Volume by mode: The volume is set and stored at different levels for each audio function.

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