Cardo sho-1 intercom

Cardo sho-1 intercom

  • Cardo sho-1 intercom
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Intercom SHO-1 Thistle. The SHO-1 Cardo has been specifically designed to provide Shoei helmet users with a communication system that meets the highest standards.

With a unique and patented design, the SHO-1 integrates imperceptibly into the profile of the Shoei hull. Inside, it has the most advanced communication technology and multiple and unmatched features and functions. On the outside, it has an aerodynamic and discreet appearance, including a removable battery for longer trips.

The new SHO-1 features a voice control system. The use of this system allows not only keeping hands on the handlebar for greater safety, but also a natural and intuitive operation of this extremely feature rich device. Among others, the SHO-1 thistle offers voice-controlled intercom calls with up to 8 additional drivers or 4-way intercom conferences within a range of 1.6 km (depending on terrain conditions).

But there are more! Bikers can connect two mobile phones simultaneously and talk hands-free. The continuous transfer of stereo music from any smartphone or MP3 player enabled with Bluetooth is very simple, as well as listen to navigation instructions of your GPS. You can also be informed of the latest news on traffic and weather through local radio stations with built-in FM radio.

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