Payment Methods

At SportPasión we offer several payment methods. All of them are selected from the shopping cart:

  • Payment by credit card, Visa or MasterCard . You can pay by credit card and enjoy the advantages and payment terms that your bank offers. All our transactions are safe, since we use the services of the specialized company PayPlug .

    The credit card users are subject to the validation and authorization of their card by the bank issuer. We have activated the secure system called CES (Secure Electronic Commerce). In this way, if you hold a "secured" card, you can always make payments with a Visa or Mastercard card in our store, otherwise you must secure it before making the purchase following the instructions indicated by the system of your bank.

    What is CES (Secure Electronic Commerce)?
    It is a secure payment system, promoted by Visa International, MasterCard, Microsoft and the bank payment gateways to ensure transactions online. The purpose is to guarantee greater security for both the Internet user and the businesses that sell through the network, by authenticating the buyer as the legitimate owner of the card he is using. When making the payment with a Visa or MasterCard "secured" will be requested in addition to the number and expiration date, a personal key for exclusive use to buy online that identifies you as its owner. This way no one can make a purchase on the internet if you do not know the key. If you have not yet requested a personal key for exclusive use for online payments, we recommend you to add your cards to the Secure Electronic Commerce service through the electronic banking of your financial institution or by requesting it at your entity's office. Credit card fraud is a crime and Sport Pasión will take legal action against anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our online store.

  • Payment with Paypal . PayPal is a secure payment system used throughout the world. Through paypal, you can make the payment with the main credit cards (visa, mastercard, etc ...) and make bank transfers, without registering or opening an account. If you have a registered user account in paypal, you can make the payment quickly and without having to enter your data for each purchase. Once the payment is made, you can return to the store. The transactions through paypal are totally secure, we do not receive or store any type of information about your card. The client will be responsible for the commissions of this form of payment. For more information about paypal visit

  • Payment cash on delivery . The cost of the order is paid directly to the person who will deliver it to us at our address (the carrier), in cash (currency and bills). A surcharge of 5% will be applied to this type of payment , with a minimum of € 3.55 . We can only send a new order on delivery if the last order paid with this method has already been delivered. If two or more orders are registered on the same day and it is not possible to combine them for exceeding the maximum cost of collection, the second one will only be sent after the first one has been delivered. We recommend that you have the exact amount of the order to pay the delivery as they are not required to carry change.

  • Financing Cofidis without interest :

    Financing offered by Cofidis for amounts between € 150 and € 6,000 and terms ranging from 3 to 36 months. No opening or maintenance fee. For an example of financing of € 600, total amount owed: € 600. TIN 0% APR 0%. For other amounts and / or terms see the financing conditions. Financing subject to the approval of Cofidis SA Branch in Spain.

  • Financing instantly with Pay + later : We also have another type of instant financing without paperwork through the company pay + late . This type of financing has interests that will be shown after selecting it from the shopping cart. The great advantage of this financing is that the customer will only have to fill out their ID and mobile phone and, at the moment, they will know if they grant or not the financing, without having to fill out long questionnaires or send any type of mail with paperwork.


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