Shoei gt-air 2 affair tc6

  • Shoei gt-air 2 affair tc6
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Its shell relies on the same compound as other brand products such as the NXR: the AIM. It uses progressive impact absorption compounds like its EPS system.

All this without leaving aside the comfort that should characterize a touring helmet destined for routes of any distance, both in sporty driving and at a quiet pace.


  • Calimulates AIM of several compounds such as fiberglass and organic fibers.
  • EPS system of impact absorption.
  • Metallic micrometric closure.
  • Optical quality solar viewfinder.
  • System E.Q.R.S emergency withdrawal.
  • CNS-1 screen.
  • Manufacture of 3 different boots.
  • Interior padding manufactured in different density depending on the contact area.
  • Interior completely antibacterial, antimicrobial, removable and washable.
  • Fully channeled ventilations.
  • Possibility of incorporating intercom, specially prepared for assembly with Sena SRL.
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