• HJC RPHA70 Gaon MC2SF
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Reference: 1444-72

The RPHA 70 is an integral Sport-Touring helmet manufactured by HJC

We present a very versatile motorcycle helmet that is also functional thanks to its efficient ventilation system, the inner solar visor, the Pinlock anti-fog lens and all its innovative features.

The RPHA 70 is the latest innovation in the HJC market, a motorcycle helmet that has won fans since the minute 1. The new RPHA 70 has evolved based on HJC's experience in the competition sector, based on an improvement of aerodynamics, keeping weight to a minimum and achieving maximum safety in case of impact. It has been manufactured in three different sizes of shell to increase comfort regardless of the size you choose. The shell has been manufactured by several superimposed layers of aramid, carbon and a mixed fiber of carbon-glass, achieving with this union a greater rigidity and being able to maintain a light weight.

The ventilation system ensures a perfect evacuation of heat in addition to improving the behavior at high speed. Thanks to the adjustable apertures that the RPHA 70 has, it is easier to cut the wind since they act as aerodynamic appendages.

The interior of the helmet has the MultiCool system that is formed by three textile finishes that work together to achieve the best performance, that of the cheeks optimizes the touch and comfort, in the upper part it fits perfectly combining the fit with the best perspiration The main objective of the upper padding of the helmet is the correct evacuation of the sweat from the helmet, in addition to eliminating the humidity inside. We will find ourselves inside with a double retractable and anti-fog solar visor, this operation works by sliding the system located in the lower left part of the helmet. Account also in the lower part of the helmet with the emergency extraction bands for accidents and a reflective area on the outside rear to improve the visibility of the rider.

The inner lining of the RPHA 70 helmet is made in an antibacterial fabric that does not store odors, developed by HJC and called Polygiene. It also provides a soft touch finish and is fully breathable to keep the sweat away from the skin.

The RPHA 70 screen provides a wide visual field, has an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. It incorporates the system for Pinlock and the standard Pinlock screen, which prevents fogging of the helmet screen. The RapidFire mounting and dismounting system makes it faster to use and without tools. The solar viewfinder with which also incorporates the anti-scratch and anti-fog system, this is a strong point since most motorcycle helmets that incorporate anti-fog on the screen do not have it in the solar viewfinder.

Outwardly the design of the RPHA 70 has gone through many hours in the wind tunnel, each line of the hull has a why, looking for the best behavior to avoid annoying turbulence and whistles, adding key elements such as the rear and side wings, specifically designed to get the best aerodynamic design sending possible inconvenience.


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