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  • Hjc rpha 11 chakri mc24hsf
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Reference: 1351-24

With the completely new RPHA 11, HJC again establishes new standards for the performance of helmets. Certain additional innovations produce an aerodynamically superior town with excellent ventilation, ultra-afelpado comfort and extremely safe characteristics. In sum, the RPHA 11 shows without a doubt why HJC remains #1 in the world. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 1300 Precision of the upper ventilation control: positive Control mutliposicion of ventilation, that can be operated easily by using gloves. Upper ventilation aerodynamics: Shape and location evolved, stylized, lines for air inlet increased. New front ventilation: Increase the inlet air, channeling the air refrigerant through an improved circulation. Wide screen: Field of view improved fruit of extensive experience of driving in runs. Multipoint locking system: Its simple and clear design provides a sealed display extraseguro. Redesign of side vents: Input zones that increase the flow of air air and help defrost the screen. Sleek design of shell: Its attractive appearance is aerodynamically solid comfort footbed. Hook fast emergency: Quickly detachable cheeks to help remove the helmet if emergency. Tested in wind tunnel: overpass air flow has been formed in HJC wind tunnel. New rear lower exhaust ventilation: Strategically placed to increase hot air flow output. P.I.M. Plus: materials of reinforcement - including carbon and hybrid carbono-vidrio-fiber provide impact resistance higher and greater comfort and lightness helmet. Removable Chin: Reduces wind noise and prevents the entrance of turbulence
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