Shoei x-spirit iii marquez motegi2 tc1

  • Shoei x-spirit iii marquez motegi2 tc1
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Shoei X-Spirit III Marquez Motegi2 TC1

Going further with a Moto GP, you don't have time to worry about problems in your helmet. This was the first goal during the development of the X-Spirit III. The helmet should be perfect for competition, nothing more. Extreme ventilation with highly sophisticated aerodynamic system, X-Spirit III is your perfect partner to reach the highest step of the podium.


  • AIM + shell: organic fiber, multi-composite and high performance fiber in various layers for an absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.
  • 4 different shell sizes: for a perfect fit and compact dimensions. Sizes: 1) XS-S, 2) M, 3) L, 4) XL-XXL
  • Modular cushioning system: for an individual fit. The central pad, side padding and straps covers are removable and washable.
  • Adjustable Interior: the position of the helmet can be rotated 4 ° on the horizontal axis. This allows the pilot to adjust the vision from the inside of the helmet to get a better view in a Racing position.
  • 6 adjustable air inlets and air outlets 6:  Optimum ventilation performance for sporty driving.
  • New cheeks ventilation system: for the first time in town has been equipped with a ventilation system for the lower part of the town. Because the helmets are more closed lower for better aerodynamics, there is less renewal of air in previous models. Active cooling, even in the lower part of the town, was developed to give you the best pilot comfort and keep it cool under any condition.
  • Sophisticated aerodynamic system: aerodynamic system highly specialized for driving at high speed. Developed and tested on the SHOEI wind tunnel, it reduces the resistance and the elevation of the town. This will reduce that stress on the neck of the driver load. Lift has been reduced by 3% and resistance by 10% compared with the X-Spirit II
  • Rear stabilizer equipped with ailerons: with the addition of rear spoilers, X-Spirit III reduces shocks of the helmet by 50% compared with the X-Spirit II. This is essential to have a clear vision for driving at high speed. 2 different wings for different conditions and types of circuit are available. The small to the large for the Rapids, with long straights and the slow with many turns.
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