Shoei nxr cluzel tc3

  • Shoei nxr cluzel tc3
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Reference: CSNXR17-03

Shoei NXR Cluzel TC3

Leonardo da Vinci once said: "simplicity is the highest sophistication". With this in mind we have created a helmet which reflects the purity of the piloting of a motorcycle. No gadgets, no useless fancy details, only pure driving in mind. You, your bike and the NXR is all that will take you to experience the essence of the piloting of a motorcycle.



    • Shell in AIM: organic fiber and multi Composite fibers in various layers for a shell that absorbs impacts with optimum rigidity.
    • EPS interior with different densities absorption system: protection optimized by EPS elements with different levels of absorption.
    • Double-d-ring closure: easy to handle, always a perfect fit
    • E.Q.R.E: to safely remove the helmet in an accident without injury to the rider.
    • 4 different exterior shells: for a perfect fit and compact dimensions. ((1) XXS-S, 2), 3) L, 4) XL-X.
    • Central, removable and washable padding: to take you in comfortable and pleasant way.
    • Earflaps: the perfect accessory to reduce noise.
    • Multiple ventilation and extraction for optimal ventilation. Entries in the frontal area which guarantee the entry of fresh air.
  • Spoiler for aerodynamic performance optimized.
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