Hjc rpha70 lif mc2

  • Hjc rpha70 lif mc2
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The new HJC RPHA 70 hull comes stomping, marking the difference with its closest competitors.

The new integral RPHA 70 motorcycle helmet combines comfort, lightness and safety to achieve a reliable, versatile helmet and a content price.

The RPHA 70 is an integral Sport-Touring motorcycle helmet manufactured by HJC.

We present a very versatile motorcycle helmet as well as functional thanks to its efficient ventilation system, the interior sun visor, the Pinlock anti-fog lens and all its innovative features.

The RPHA 70 is the latest innovation in the HJC market, a motorcycle helmet that has won fans since the 1st minute. The new RPHA 70 evolved based on HJC's experience in the racing sector with its motorcycle helmets , based on an improvement in aerodynamics, keeping the weight to a minimum and achieving maximum safety in case of impact. It has been manufactured in three different sizes of cap to increase comfort regardless of the size chosen. The cap has been manufactured by several layers of aramid, carbon and a mixed fiber of carbon-glass, achieving with this bond a greater rigidity and to be able to maintain a light weight.


Outwardly the RPHA 70 integral helmet design has gone through many hours in the wind tunnel, each hull line has a why, looking for the best behavior to avoid annoying turbulences and whistles, adding key elements like the rear and side aileron specifically designed to achieve the best aerodynamic design sending possible annoyances.

The ventilation system assures a perfect evacuation of the heat in addition to improving the behavior at high speed. Thanks to the adjustable openings with the RPHA 70, it is easier to cut the wind because they act as aerodynamic appendages.

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