Nzi must ii wild wolf

  • Nzi must ii wild wolf
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NZI helmet Must II Wild Wolf


  • Thermoplastic: Part of helmets produced by NZI Helmets are made of high impact resistant thermoplastic resin processed by injection into mould. The material melts and then injected into a mould under high pressure and temperature; When the material cools it maintains the shape of the mould. The difference between the fibre composites and thermoplastic helmets is basically the most resistance of composites with an impact equal weight.
  • Micrometric quick release: Closing more comfortable and easy to adjust there, easy to handle, with or without gloves. This seal is used in all NZI helmets, less in the hulls of competition in which rings are used.
  • Protective padding: Resistance and protection from a town not only consists of the rigidity of the outer shell but also the protective padding that is located in the interior, which in reality is a very important part for the protection of the head the impacts. This protective padding is made of expanded polystyrene and specially designed to absorb the energy required for braking the head under the conditions provided for in the case of an impact.
  • Removable and washable interior: Virtually all NZI Helmets helmets have a fully removable and washable interior. High end helmets uses materials such as Outlast and Dry-Fast-Dry. All the interiors of NZI Helmets are made of hypoallergenic and antibacterial fabrics.
  • One Push: NZI Helmets is the inventor of the vent control through a mechanism "One Push" (one-push). This system has the advantage that it is very easy to use, with or without gloves. The result of this ease of use is the driver does not have to search a small lever in the helmet and therefore minimizes is time that driver must release the handlebar to trigger air control, which increases the security.
  • 3D display: The 3D screens give the improved aerodynamic and visual performance.
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