Arai RX-7 V Isle Of Man TT 2019

  • Arai RX-7 V Isle Of Man TT 2019
  • Arai RX-7 V Isle Of Man TT 2019
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* Sold with clear screen

The new RX-7 V is the maximum example of knowledge, technology and experience in the world of competition for motorcycle helmets Arai.   With a renewed Outdoor Dome (PB-CNS) more resistant and light, this imposing model introduces the revolutionary system VAS ("Variable Axis System") of its new visor, and ranks as one of the best of its range.

Has a new coating Pure Eco, an even slimmer frame, larger and new air vents upper, a best diffuser and integrated open ventilation channels. All this under the magnifying glass of perfection and the attention to detail has he used Arai. With the RX-7V, the brand continues implementing real scenarios from the world of racing technology.


  • PB-SNC2: New resin to improve the adhesion between each layer of fiber, allowing you to make a very strong and durable outer shell. This system allows a saving of weight 30 Gr.
  • VENTILATIONcombined systems provide excellent and efficient ventilation. The new upper duct offers a 11% more air flow, with large switches for effortless operation. Air flow channels are from the zone of vision to the rear laterals. The new diffuser is 20 mm longer than that of the RX - 7 GP and has a better aerodynamic, so it is able to absorb one 19% more air. Both air vents work together efficiently improving stability. The Chin chute allows a greater flow of air in the area of the mouth.
  • NEW FORMnew design is continues to benefit of smooth and efficient lines to which we are accustomed Arai. The biggest benefit of this model is to improve vision. The system you'RE new screen allows you to maintain a soft design lines and improve the performance of the helmet in the event of impact.  
  • MORE SPACE IN THE AREA OF THE CHIN: the result of a new design of the finest shell allows the RX-7V almost 3 mm extra space in the Chin area.
  • NEW SCREEN LOCK SYSTEM: this helmet includes locking system taken from the hull of the F1 of the brand, which increases the levels of protection, operating from a simple, fluid and intuitive, even when wearing gloves.
  • NEW SYSTEM GOING:   This system allows you to have a visor low and compact, allowing you to reduce the size of the mechanisms and the side plates of the screen. As a result, improve the performance of the helmet and protection provided to the pilot, in addition to win integers when design is concerned.
  • NEW INTERIOR: Interior pads are made with new thinner materials and have been redesigned the points of connection with the shell, allowing greater comfort for rider. New joints allow the inner liner is flexed and separates even, if necessary, in order to not interfere with the operation of energria management and the performance of the helmet in the event of impact. The inside is completely removable and washable.
  • NEW DIFFUSER: the new upper diffuser is much longer than the RX-7 GP to increase the air flow and the aerodynamic properties of the helmet.  You can now collect greater amounts of air or seal vents with new latches of vents, allowing a better sealing of these. With this renewal, you get improve stability, friction and wind noise.
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