Arai rx-7v replica hayden wsbk

  • Arai rx-7v replica hayden wsbk
  • Arai rx-7v replica hayden wsbk
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Arai RX-7V Helmet Nicky Hayden. This is the evolution of the Arai RX-7 GP and the efforts of the Arai engineers have focused on improving the application of the R75 Shape concept. The R75 Shape concept consists of offering a stronger outer shell (outer structure), more rounded and softer. The correct application of this concept results, in terms of safety, in a greater capacity of dispersion of the energy in case of impact, and for this, the screen and the mechanism of the same has been displaced approximately 24mm lower with respect to RX -7 GP, thus offering a larger surface free of elements that compromise the concept R75.


Technical characteristics


Outer shell

Made in PB SNC2, this is a combination of Super Fiber and special synthetic fibers of great strength and flexibility assembled by the experts of Arai. The use of a resin of new invoice offers more resistance to the cap reducing the weight.


Ventilation system

The new diffusers of the upper zone (Type 12) are now more rigid and are 20mm longer. These work in conjunction with the later Air Wing to improve stability. Compared to the RX-7 GP diffusers, these are now 19% more efficient. The ventilation mechanism now offers the possibility to regulate it in 3 positions; open, open and closed and improves sealing, thus reducing noise inside the hull.

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