Arai axces-3 line red helmet

  • Arai axces-3 line red helmet
  • Arai axces-3 line red helmet
  • Arai axces-3 line red helmet
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Arai Axces-3 Line red helmet

The new Axces-3 offers the comfort and fit Arai is famous for, in a very affordable package. And the Axces-3 is just like any other Arai a premium helmet, with the performance and features fitting to the brand. The Axces-3 is based on the renowned Chaser-V outer shell, including the reinforced PB belt. Also the effective ventilation system is taken from the Chaser-V and the Axces-3 comes standard with the Pinlock-ready Max Vision shield. Together with an attractive range of colours and designs, these features make the Axces-3 the perfect start into the Arai experience.


  • VENTILATION: Air Conductor rear vent offers higher vacuum for enhanced ventilation. Three-position chin vent (including demist function), lower side vents and build-in neck exhaust increases the flow of fresh air inside the helmet. Unique visor vents guide fresh air to the forehead area without the need for holes in the outer shell and impact absorbing liner.
  • THREE POSITION CHIN VENT: Three-position chin vent helps in demisting the visor and offering fresh, cool air to the rider.
  • OUTER SHELL SFL: Special Fibre Laminate Strict quality controlled construction using special fibre layers, crowded with fibres right to the shell surfaces and bonded with special resins formulated by Arai, to disperse impact energy over the widest possible area – the shell’s main job – through strength, structural integrity and impact flexibility
  • SAI MAX VISION VISOR: The anti-fog insert lens is positioned in an original SAI Arai cavity shield, offering the widest peripheral vision in the business. The size of the insert lens can be increased to the maximum without disturbing edges. Improves your view on the road.
  • FCX: To offer an even better snug fit and enhancing the comfort to the lower jaw, the Facial Contour System (FCS) works with a foam spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds, providing the necessary support without excessive pressure.
  • FIVE TIMES INSPECTED: Each Arai helmet goes through five separate quality-control departments: after the shell is made, after painting and graphic completion, after assembly and two in-process inspections.
  • WASHABLE INTERIOR: The premium quality interior of any Arai helmet can be easily cleaned, in place, with mild soap and lukewarm water
  • HANDMADE: It can take up to five years for our experts to earn the right to create an Arai shell. Each shell can take up to 27 steps and to build one Arai helmet will take about 18 man-hours
  • ORGANIC SHAPE: The organic shape of an Arai outer shell offers a more natural appearance, seals better and conforms more to the head’s natural shape for improved comfort, fit and to help minimize wind turbulence.
  • HARD OUTER SHELL, SOFT INNER SHELL: Arai uses a very hard outer shell to spread impact forces and a soft inner shell to absorb remaining energy. The multiple-density EPS inner shell is made using a unique technology of combining three to five densities in various areas as a single component.
  • SMOOTH SHAPE, BETTER PROTECTION:The smooth outer shell of Arai helmets is designed to glide without unnecessary resistance. You don’t want to decelerate your helmet more than necessary. That’s why all Arai vents and ducts are designed to break off during an impact.
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