AGV Pista GP R Project 46 3.0 Carbon

  • AGV Pista GP R Project 46 3.0 Carbon
  • AGV Pista GP R Project 46 3.0 Carbon
  • AGV Pista GP R Project 46 3.0 Carbon
  • AGV Pista GP R Project 46 3.0 Carbon
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Reference: 6021A0HY-004

Developed in collaboration with Valentino Rossi and other riders of the World Championship Series, the Pista GP sets new standards in terms of protection and ergonomics and is the benchmark for professional racing helmets. The carbon fiber shell and internal components of the EPS were optimized using FEM techniques to obtain a helmet with very high performance in terms of size, light weight and protection.

The result is a helmet that is significantly higher than the limits set by the ECE standards and weighing only 1275 g * MS size. The entire ventilation system was designed using dynamical fluid computational tests of modeling and the wind tunnel. This helmet is highly efficient in removing heat and moisture from the rider's head. Thanks to its large rear spoiler, the GP Track features first class performance in terms of aerodynamic penetration and high speed stability.

In general, the opening of the visor is 9% greater than it means a 15 ° improvement in vision that obviously improves the active safety factor. The GP Track adjustment was developed using "Human Engineering", by which the design of the surfaces in contact with the user's head begins. The inside of the helmet starts with a concave 3D structure that is pre-shaped to match the outline of the rider's head and any surface in contact with the head are stitch free. The lycra® and Shalimar® disinfected internal components are fully adjustable because the position and depth of the crown pad can be modified as the thickness of the padding. The combination of these solutions, which are covered by three separate patents, that the GP Track fit the different cranial forms as never before (provide GP Track with exceptional adaptability)



  • External shell completely made of carbon fiber and available in 4 sizes
  • Interior shell in EPS of 4 sizes;
  • Shell and EPS dimensions optimized using the FEM system (finite elements).


  • Designed to maximize comfort, ergonomics, safety and aerodynamics.
  • Designed to minimize interference with racing suits and humps speed protection.

Ventilation / aerodynamics:

  • IVS ventilation (integrated ventilation system) with large air ducts in the shell and vents that direct air to the rider's head;
  • Ventilation system optimized in the wind tunnel and consisting of 4 front vents (3 in the front) and 1 to the chin bar and 2 rear extractors;
  • The air intakes with mesh and protective metal frames are in the "always open" position. Plastic covers are available for bad weather. Total surface of the air intakes is 193% larger than in the GP-Tech;
  • Large rear spoiler optimized in a wind tunnel to maximize aerodynamic performance and ventilation, even at high speed. Aileron designed to separate the helmet in case of accident to increase passive safety.

Visor / visor mechanism

  • New metal visor mechanism with revolving opening. Quick viewer launch system requiring no tools and allow the viewer to be removed and replaced in seconds. Viewfinder mechanism surface reduced by 71% compared to GP-Tech;
  • You can accept the security system with external screws in the base of the mechanism that reduces the risk of the screen that comes to drift in the event of an accident (with the screws of the race kit) front visor micro-locking system that reduces the risk of accidental opening in the event of an accident.
  • Scratch-resistant, anti-fog race visor (4 layers) with a wide viewing angle and 100% protection against UV rays. It is ready to tear-offs and with film cutting systems.
  • The screen complies with the optical standards of class 1 and is free of visual distortion with a thickness of up to 3.3 mm for greater protection;
  • The field of vision is wider than in GP-Tech and its main rivals 15 ° and has been optimized for a rider lying on the tank. Total field of vision increased by around 9% compared to the GP-Tech and the main rivals.

Interior linings:

  • Removable nose protector;
  • Windproof removable chin strap protection;
  • Fully removable and washable breathable inner linings, micro-perforated Lycra® crown pad with concave 3D structure preformed into a single piece molded around the contours of the rider's head.
  • No sewing in sensitive areas and filling with differentiated density foam. Option to customize the adjustment of the crown pad.
  • It can be customized in the area around the back of the neck with the insertion of a removable foam pad. Roll of Shalimar® 3D retouched pads with differentiated density foam integral neck for comfort and acoustic insulation. Interior linings covered by three patents.
  • The adjustment of the pads can be customized.
  • Double D closing system.
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