AGV Pista GP R Limited Edition Rossi Winter Test 2019

  • AGV Pista GP R Limited Edition Rossi Winter Test 2019
  • AGV Pista GP R Limited Edition Rossi Winter Test 2019
  • AGV Pista GP R Limited Edition Rossi Winter Test 2019
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* The final design may present some variation with respect to the image presented here // Sold with clear screen

The top model of AGV returns renewed. The Pista GP R has all the characteristics of the previous model and incorporates a new hydration system developed for MotoGP riders, metallic air openings and a new wind tunnel tested spoiler that maximizes aerodynamic performance and increases stability of the pilot at high speeds. The shell is constructed of 100% carbon fiber and designed to minimize interference with the fur monkey, while the interior has an adaptable fit and no seams in sensitive areas.


  • External shell (external structure) 100% made of 3K carbon fiber. Available in 4 outer sizes to fit the physical frame of each rider (XS-S), (MS), (ML-L), (XL-XXL).
  • The interior incorporates EPS (internal structure) of 5 densities for optimal absorption of impacts.
  • Its structure is extremely compact and lightweight with unparalleled safety features.
  • The shape of the helmet has been designed to favor aerodynamic efficiency and to minimize the risk that the energy generated by an eventual impact will be transmitted to the clavicle area.
  • The lines on the back minimize interference with the racing monkey when the rider is attached to the motorcycle.
  • The IVS ventilation system consists of five large air intakes and two rear extractors.
  • The ventilation of the upper frontal zone has been strategically placed to receive the highest air flow. The new metal vents combine resistance and protection.
  • Thanks to the entrance of a large air flow and its 2 rear extractors, the speed of air circulation inside the helmet is increased, achieving a high cooling of the interior.
  • The air inlets of the chin guard direct the air flow to the entire surface of the screen to prevent fogging.
  • Vent covers included with the helmet.
  • The new rear spoiler tested in the wind tunnel, offers high aerodynamic efficiency and stabilizes the hull at high speeds.
  • It has been designed to detach in case of accident and thus maintain the rounded structure of the outer shell.
  • The interior is completely removable and washable and has been developed by the AGV MotoGP riders.
  • The crown of the neck allows easy entry of the helmet and maximizes ventilation. Foams of different thicknesses are included for a personalized adjustment of the upper area of ​​the helmet and the cheeks.
  • The inner fabric used incorporates antibacterial treatment and is highly breathable. Seams have been avoided in the most sensitive areas of the head for maximum comfort.
  • It incorporates a system of emergency extraction of the lateral padding in case of accident, to facilitate the task of extraction of the helmet by the medical personnel.
  • Hydration system developed in MotoGP completely integrated in the helmet. The tube has a valve located in the area of ​​the chinrest for a constant and comfortable hydration of the pilot. The hydration system is completely removable.
  • The new optical class 1 anti-scratch screen has been designed to offer a vertical field of view of 85 degrees in competition position and 190 degrees of horizontal vision.
  • It incorporates as standard a Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog sheet and Tear-Off supports. A Tear-Off kit is included with the helmet.
  • The screen incorporates a patented closing system (VLS) that prevents accidental opening of it. The thickness of the screen ranges between 4 and 5mm. depending on the area, increased protection of the eyes and face.
  • The mechanism of the screen allows to extract the screen without the use of tools and incorporates metal parts for greater resistance. System of "roto-translation" in the mechanism for a perfect adjustment of the screen with the helmet.
  • Double buckle retention system.
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