Number plate rhizome kawasaki z750

  • Number plate rhizome kawasaki z750


Rizoma license plate for the Kawasaki Z750 2007-2014

Number plate of Rizoma kit includes the support plate and turn signals, lighting, reflector and tighten adjustable. The anchor is designed for quick and easy installation, without neglecting the aesthetic.


  • Allows to regulate the inclination: a broad range of regulations is possible, also, to change the inclination of the same, in the countries where the road code allows this possibility.
  • Adjustable height: license plate can be moved on its own axis to the desired height. Intermittent: Brackets supplied in the kit, allow the just position of the indicators.
  • Dimensions: 3 stands of different registration (157x157mm, 175x130mm, 146x69.5mm), this in order to make it suitable for the different dimensions of tuition in circulation.
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