ALPINESTARS Supertech R Ed. Lim. Diablo 2020

  • ALPINESTARS Supertech R Ed. Lim. Diablo 2020


Forged in the circuits, the Alpinestars Supertech R are the Alpinestars reference and highest-level road sports boots, and benefit from the improvements made thanks to the comments and observations of the elite MotoGP riders and the SBK World Cup. The latest version of the Supertech incorporates a redesigned internal booty made with 3D technical mesh that reduces the weight of the boot while greatly improving perspiration, comfort and sensations.


  • Front flexion area made with soft TPU mesh with abrasion-shaped relief and increased bow-to-stern movement.
  • Flexible accordion leather in the Achilles Heel allows a natural movement.
  • The upper gaiter follows the contour of the leg and is made of high-grade flexible synthetic leather reinforced with rubber to maintain the shape.
  • Full length microfiber panel on the inside of the boot provides excellent grip and feel to the motorcycle and protects against abrasion and heat.
  • The lightweight rubber compound sole offers excellent grip and feel and allows natural flex when the pilot changes the position and pressure in the footrests.
  • Light and flexible finger changer allows a good touch when we change gears.
  • Strategically located heel ventilation and TPU shin, and soft TPU mesh on the front of the foot that guides the air through the boot.
  • The external entry / exit has an accordion extendable leather panel for a tight closure and easy entry and exit of the foot. Zip closure has a velcro tab to lock the zipper closed and stored flat.
  • Upper closure with micro-adjustable ratchet saves the end of the tongue inside the calf in TPU.
  • The full sole of the Supertech R boot is replaceable.


  • The bio-mechanical reinforcement of the ankle has a double articulated interior and external torsion bars that progressively absorb the tension of flexion and rotation in the ankle and reduces pressure injury and hyper extension in the joints of the lower part of the leg.
  • Reinforced inside the ankle made of polyamide loaded with fiberglass and ergonomically designed, with closed cell padding for protection and comfort.
  • Molds with polyamide compound around the template provide protection against impacts.
  • Made of lightweight and breathable 3D technical mesh for comfort on the go if rival.


  • External shin protection in TPU that wrap the outer calf and is designed to disseminate and dissipate impact energy across the surface while remaining compact. Ventilated sections that promote the flow of air into the boot. +
  • Separate internal reinforcement that works with the outside of the boot to form a protective system.
  • Slider on the fingers "Clip-on" that provides touch and protects the structure of the external toe from abrasion. (Spare parts of magnesium sliders available).
  • Replaceable TPU heel slider protects from impacts and reduces friction in the event of an accident.
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