Agv k-5 s firerace negro rojo

  • Agv k-5 s firerace negro rojo
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Reference: 0041A2HY-019

The latest AGV version of this premium sport helmet now features a new construction for the internal liner, designed with high performance fabrics and seamless in sensitive areas, for an extremely comfortable fit. The lightweight is made from a blend of carbon fiberglass, while stability and aerodynamic performance are maximized thanks to a built-in spoiler. The integrated ventilation system (IVS) has vents that are hollowed out in the shell, and there is also an internal pop-up parasol, a detachable nose guard and a new wind shield that keeps noise to a minimum.

Shell in CAF (carbon-fiberglass) in 2 sizes with density structure 4 EPS developed in 4 sizes.

IVS ventilation hole (integrated ventilation system) with 5 large front vents and 2 rear extractors in the shell that direct air to the rider's head. The upper central air intake has been strategically positioned to capture the maximum air flow without interference with the internal visor. All ventilation grilles and extractors are adjustable.

The integrated spoiler in the shell profile maximizes stability and aerodynamic performance

New K-5 S interior construction is designed to enable a stable, embracing and pressure-free fit and to maximize dynamic comfort. New windshield that reduces noise level and removable nose guard.

The interior of the helmet is designed to offer the maximum comfort of riding without any points in sensitive areas. All parts are easily removable and washable.

Roll neck: Shalimar fabric with water resistant treatment, preventing water from being channeled into the hull. It has reflective bands for greater visibility in low light conditions.

Cheek Cushions: Rhythm fabric with Sanitized® (protection), 2Dry (Moisture Absorbs) and Microsense treatments (premium skin comfort and fluidity of use).

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