Agv k-3 sv plk misano 2011

  • Agv k-3 sv plk misano 2011
  • Agv k-3 sv plk misano 2011
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Reference: 0301A0EY-006

AGV K-3 SV PLK Misano 2011

K-3 SV is derived from the experience gained by VFA following the design of track Gp and Corsa. Thanks to the use of the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis - finite element analysis) system, AGV has developed a product of reference in terms of comfort, aerodynamics and safety. It is a cross helmet, suitable for young riders passionate about the competition, and also for advanced users looking for comfort and performance.

Ventilation system studied by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis guarantee the maximum ventilation thanks to the use of two side front air inlets, a central and two rear extraction nozzles.   Dry-Comfort inside are removable, washable and hygienic treatment.   The mechanism of opening and closing of the visor is customizable in 3 variants, depending on the type of helmet (Touring, racing, City), and is equipped with system XQRS for the quick release.   The K-3 SV has been designed for the new platform of integrated communication SHARE.


  • Removable nose guard.
  • Chin strap detachable windscreen protection.
  • Fabrics Dry comfort with hygienic treatment.
  • Fully removable and washable 3D interiors.
  • GT 2 visor polycarbonate anti-scratch and anti-fog with 100% protection against UV rays.
  • Mechanism of the visor with PVS (Perimetrical Visor Seal) system for a more efficient perimeter seal and better insulation of the currents of air and the noise thanks to the place chosen for the edge of the visor.
  • New mechanism XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) system screen to remove and replace the screen without tools and in a few seconds.
  • 2 sizes of shell of thermoplastic resin HIR-TH (high strength thermoplastic resin).
  • Inner shell made of EPS in 4 sizes.
  • Dimensions of the shell and EPS optimized with FEM (Finite Elements Analisys - finite element analysis) system.
  • Studied and optimized in the wind tunnel, ventilation system consisting of 4 air inlets (3 front and one in the neck strap) front and 2 rear extractors.
  • It ring-shaped strap lock.
  • The helmet is sold with clear screen. Other screens sold separately.
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